Types of wedding planner companies in Toronto

Usually, there is a lot of stress along with the excitement when it comes to actual wedding planning. The couple wants to look their best at the same time want every guest to feel good about the event. There is nothing impossible about hosting a perfect wedding. All you need is an interesting venue, good food, and music to flow. But, you will want all of this within your budget. Roping in the Fusion Events wedding planner Toronto Fusion Events wedding planner Toronto will certainly make a huge difference. You can get the best even planned that will stay in the memory of everyone.

Within wedding planner companies in Toronto, there are 3 main categories. Depending on your budget and your requirements, you can hire one.

  1. The Planners:

One or more planners from the wedding planning company are appointed for the task to plan the event. They will pitch in ideas and interesting ways to decorate and organize food for the big day. Since, they share good connections with different service providers like the flower suppliers, cakes, and caterers, decorators etc, they can arrange the services instantly. When it comes to planning, they are the best in it. Each detail about the day will be sought by them from their clients. They personally make sure that each of the requirements makes way into their planning. So, you can discuss all your big day expectations and get it fulfilled by the planners.

  1. The Consultants:

Unlike the wedding planner, a consultant is the one who will supervise all the arrangements. The role of a consultant is to plan the event and offer suggestions to the clients. They have good references when it comes to vendors just like the planners. However, it is not their job to crack a deal with the providers. You will have to negotiate the prices for food, flowers etc with the suppliers on your own. Their experience is rich when it comes to planning and execution. However, it is you who will have to do most of the things. You can expect the wedding consultants to be around supervising all the arrangements and preparations.

  1. The Stylists:

As the name suggests, you must have got the whiff of their role and responsibilities. Most of the wedding planning companies claim to have stylists for luxurious and customized weddings. They are the ones who will help you not just with the vendor deals but also the arrangements. So, if you are looking to have themed wedding and have arrangements in accordance, you should book a stylist. They come with a rich training in designing and arrangements. Such services are about perfection right from planning to execution.

It is very common belief that one can plan the event on their own and hire the wedding planner in the end. However, if you wish to have a flawless event, you need to employ them right from the beginning. You will have a perfect strategy to work on. In fact, you can explain them your budget and they will work around it. So, it is best to consider their services seriously and hire them for a dreamlike event!

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