Effective treatment for back and neck pains

Today, back pain has become a common ailment for many. People are sitting for prolonged hours at work places and lifestyle has become sedentary. There can be many more reasons to back pain. Neck pain is also something that accompanies back pain or vice versa.  There can be inborn factors as well. Research has also pointed out that trauma can also be a reason for neck and back pain. Exercising regularly and moving back and neck can prevent pain but at the same time, improper exercising techniques can aggravate the problem. You can see a back pain doctor for better advise.

Causes of back and neck pain

The way you sit, stand, move and live has a lot to do with increasing neck and back pain. Some persons may be more prone to the pain than others because even inborn factors play an important role. Development factors are another reason. Environmental factors can also cause pain in the back regions. Direct or indirect trauma to the spine can aggravate back pain.

We all have heard of physical fatigue but there is also neuromuscular fatigue. This is a condition in which the spine is overworked.

Treatment for back and neck pains

Any trauma or fatigue to the musculoskeletal system of the body can lead to pain in the neck and back. Today, treatment mainly involves medicines to treat overworked tissues. Most of the time, this kind of treatment only leads to over dependence on medications. Often, a single approach never works for treating neck and back pain. Then lot of importance is given to bring stability to the spine but that also may not help.

An effective treatment for neck and back pain should begin with a proper diagnosis by the back pain doctor . It should be done on two accounts, structural and movement. A treatment that will be formulated keeping the patient in mind will work better. To be able to tackle back pain effectively, it is important to go for a treatment plan that comprises comprehensive approach as well as an interdisciplinary method.

Back pain as it is related to spine functioning, some therapists advice functional treatment which involves remedial exercises to remove the pressure on the central nervous system. Spinal stability is gained with the help of individualised exercise program. To combat back and neck pain effectively, it is important to for deep spinal stability. Postural training is also recommended as per the individual’s requirement. Thus, a variety of exercises, therapeutic exercises, yoga and Pilates are combined to enable relief from back pain for once and all.

Back and neck pain if not treated well and soon may recur. Unscientific and unprofessional treatment can aggravate back pain which may lead to more problems. Even exercises and physical therapy have to be done under expert supervision because any undue stress on the spines can lead to serious consequences. If you are suffering from back pain, it is important that you get treatment from experienced doctors and therapists who look at the problem holistically and will devise a treatment as per your body, symptoms and lifestyle.

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